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Liability Insurance

Questions you want to ask

What company does the policy apply to?

Determining which company a policy applies to when selecting a roofing contractor is crucial. This information ensures that you're hiring a legitimate and responsible contractor with the proper coverage. By confirming the policy's beneficiary, you can be confident that any potential risks, liabilities, or issues during the roofing project are adequately addressed by the contractor's insurance. This knowledge helps protect you and your property, assuring that you're making a wise and secure choice for your roofing needs.

Is the policy valid and in effect?

Checking your roof contractor's valid insurance is crucial to protect your investment and avoid potential financial responsibility for accidents or damages during the project. Valid insurance safeguards your interests, showcases the contractor's professionalism, and ensures your project's safety and integrity. Confirming their insurance status before work starts is a simple yet essential step for peace of mind during your roofing project.

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Questions you want to ask

Is it a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or Payroll Leasing Company?

Checking if a contractor's workers' compensation is handled by a PEO or a Payroll Leasing Company is important for two reasons. Firstly, it confirms the contractor's legitimacy and professionalism. Secondly, it ensures that their workers' compensation coverage meets all the necessary requirements. If they use a PEO or leasing company, ask about their employee count, which helps assess their capability to manage your project effectively and responsibly.

Are there any workers comp exceptions?

A workers' compensation exception refers to a situation where an employer is legally allowed to exempt certain employees from being covered by workers' comp insurance. These exceptions can vary but are typically granted to specific types of workers, such as business owners or independent contractors, who may not be considered employees for workers' compensation purposes. It's important to understand these exceptions when hiring a contractor to ensure that all workers on your project are appropriately covered by insurance, minimizing potential liabilities in case of workplace injuries.

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