Signs Your Orlando Roof Needs Repair

It’s not like we don’t get our share of dangerous weather along the Atlantic seaboard. This past year, in 2022, we experienced what was considered a below-average season in the number of hurricanes and storms that made landfall, but we all know there was nothing average about Ian, Fiona, and Nicole. And if current predictions about changes in climate and weather patterns are accurate, there’s a chance such storms could nail us again, sooner rather than later. That kind of forecasting raises the idea of more storm damage. But the last thing you want to do right now is to haul out a ladder and clamber on top of your home to see if your Orlando roof needs repair or renovation, especially if your home has a pitched roof.


Thing is, wind is the primary cause of exterior siding and roof damage, especially in Orlando and the surrounding Orange County area. Someone needs to get on your roof to have a look around, especially after what your home has been through. That’s where an expert team like the one at Roof Pros USA comes in. We make a living out of climbing onto people’s roofs and repairing whatever needs fixing. And when you’re an expert, you know the kinds of things to look for during a roof inspection. A proper inspection, for instance, not only checks the exterior but also the interior of the roof to ensure there are no leaks seeping down into the walls.


The major indications of roof damage that we look for include:


  • A Sagging Roof: an indication of age or original poor construction, or the use of poor quality materials. It could also indicate water intrusion has soaked the rafters and caused them to sag.
  • Curled, Cracking Shingles: This is common with asphalt shingles that have been exposed to extreme heat and UV rays, or heavy and sustained winds.
  • Loose or Missing Shingles: another indication of damage from heat or wind and rain
  • Shingle Granules in the Gutters: an indication the asphalt shingles are old, were originally of poor quality, or have been exposed to extreme wind and water conditions.
  • Water Damage In the Attic: a rather obvious indication your roof has failed somewhere and has sprung a leak.
  • Light Shining Into the Roof: a sign your roof has reached the end of its life expectancy and has begun to fail, and to lose shingles and felt overlays.
  • Discolorations In the Attic: an indication of water intrusion and possible damage, and the presence of fungal growth.


With the kinds of storm damage possible here in Orlando, you can’t afford to not have your roof inspected. The last thing you want during a nasty squall is to look up from the sofa and see the sky. If you want a team of  professionals to check the integrity of your roof, reach out to Roof Pros USA. We’re the top of the crop in Orlando roof repair, restoration, and maintenance.