The Importance of Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards Protect Your Orlando Home From Water Damage

The last time it rained, did you have to navigate a waterfall coming off your roof just to enter your front door? Even if you had all the tools and necessary gear to solve the problem, we’re guessing it was a pain to scramble up the ladder to clear away all the twigs, Spanish moss, and any other debris that clogged your gutters.

While it’s not a lot of fun to maintain the storm gutters and downspouts on your Orlando home, it is necessary for many reasons. For starters, water damage insurance claims are second only to claims for wind and hail in the United States, and water damage due to roof issues ranks right up there with all the reasons your home might someday need some expensive, soggy repair. Proper roof maintenance is one way to ensure your home is protected from water damage. The rain gutters and downspouts that drain water from the roof of your home play a huge role in that protection, which is why it’s important to include them in any maintenance plan.

Rain gutters collect the stormwater that drains from your roof, and in turn the gutters direct the flow of water to the downspouts, which divert the flow of water safely away from your house and its foundation. It’s a primary, perfect drainage system that protects your home from water hazards. Unfortunately, that system is compromised when dirt, debris, or nesting pests impede the waterflow. Blocked, the water has nowhere to go except over the lip of the gutter and down the side of your home, where it begins to pool and soak into the soil that surrounds the foundation of your house. Wet soil can damage the foundation and crawl space of any home like nobody’s business, and that kind of repair isn’t cheap! Also, a clogged rain gutter will often collect standing water, which can soak into the fascia and other wooden parts of your roof and cause rot. The water can seep into the attic of your home, where it collects inside the walls and initiates mold and fungal growth.

The answer: Gutter guards prevent debris and unwanted objects from falling into the gutters and downspouts. They require little to no maintenance, which makes them the perfect answer to any kind of roof maintenance plan, simply because they are a primary part of any regular roof maintenance. Of course you’ll want to check the guards every so often to ensure there is no buildup of moss on top of the gutters, but that’s it.

The experts of Roof Pros USA in Orlando know all about gutter guards, and we know even more reasons why they are an essential part of any roof. Contact us today to discuss the installation of gutter guards on your Orlando home and request your free quote!