Why Is Roof Maintenance Important?

Sooner or later, you’re going to need roof repair or an inspection on your Orlando home. It’s pretty much a given with the kinds of weather we get here in Central Florida. From intense heat and UV rays to heavy rains and massive winds, the roof that protects you takes a beating. A regular roof maintenance plan in Orlando is the best way to discover and mitigate problems before they become more extensive and more costly to repair.

Thorough roof maintenance is important because of the many components that make up a solid, functional roof, and because of all the things that can go wrong with something that is exposed to extreme conditions every day, all year long, for years on end. Whether you have a pitched roof or a flat roof, both are made from layers of wood, felt, and possibly coatings that can become compromised with changes in temperature, humidity, and water intrusion.

First off, a good inspector will check for water damage to ensure none of the underlays or the deck have been compromised. The last thing you want is for water to leak into the walls or onto the ceiling of your home or business. It’s important that all flashing and pipe boots are fitted snugly and caulked properly to ensure they are watertight and are not bent, cracked, or deteriorated. At the same time, the inspector will check to make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles on your pitched roof or punctures in the coating of your flat roof.

The storm gutters and downspouts are your first defense to avoid water damage inside your home or commercial space, so it’s important to keep your roof free from debris like leaves, branches, or sticks that can clog up your gutters and downspouts, leaving them no place to drain water except inside your home. It’s also important to clear away any animal intrusion. Critters can eat and tear up the felt and insulation that protect your building from the outside elements.

Any proactive investment you make to ensure the stability and integrity of your home or business is a step toward also maintaining the equity and value of your structure. It’s also an assurance of maintaining the aesthetic, curbside appeal of your property.

The best way to avoid costly repairs in the future, and to be confident your roof will be ready and able to protect you in the next storm in Orlando, is with a regular roof maintenance plan. The experts at Roof Pros USA will inspect your roof and provide you with a free estimate. For 20 years, we’ve been dedicated to providing home and business owners with quality roofing that you won’t get from another Orlando roofing company’s roof maintenance plan. Contact us today, because we all know the next storm is on its way!