The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Roofing: How it Can Save You Money

Energy-Efficient Roofing Will Save You Money

In Orlando, energy costs are going through the roof, figuratively and literally. In 2022, electricity prices rose 14.3% over the rates in 2021. That percentage was more than double the increase in inflation. Thing is, if your home is not energy efficient, 35% of the cost was wasted energy—a lot of it being heat rising into the attic and out the roof in the cold months, and hot air trapped inside to cause your A/C to work harder during the warmer months. Cooling and heating compose nearly 50% of your utility bill, and over twelve months those percentages can add up to a big financial loss.

Efficiency by the Numbers

An energy efficient roof in Orlando will reduce the amount of wasted energy and can save you from 10 to 15% on your utility bill. The most efficient roofs reflect more heat than they absorb, and can reduce the surface heat by as much as 30%, which significantly reduces the amount of summer heat that gets inside your home and works your cooling system overtime.

It is possible in some instances to qualify for government rebates, some worth 10% of the cost to put on a new roof, and some worth a 22% tax credit.

Signs Your Home Needs a More Energy Efficient Roof

A high energy bill is the most obvious sign your Orlando home’s roof is not working in your favor. With heat going out the roof in the winter, your furnace gets a workout, and over time it will get tired and need to be replaced. It’s the same with the A/C; fighting the poor ventilation and excessive heat trapped inside the house during the summer make AC units use more power until they, too, need replacing.

Add those two expenses alongside to the bottom line of your energy bill, and efficiency becomes more of a necessity than just a good idea.

Uneven temperatures from one room to another indicate poor ventilation, and might even suggest unseen damage to the insulation, rafters, or at a certain spot in the roof itself. The unevenness will also cause hot and cold pockets near the ceiling or inside the attic.

Over the long haul, a new roof will save you money month after month, year after year. Because a good roof will last anywhere from 20-50 years, what you save on your utility costs will eventually rack up substantial savings, as well as increase the equity and resale value of your home. The pros at Roof Pros USA can inspect your roof and recommend different types of energy-efficient roofs in Orlando that will make your home more comfortable and less expensive to live in. Give us a call and let’s get started on saving you some money.